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NWI Chinchillas

Breeding quality chinchillas and rescuing exotics since 2003.

Webstore Policies, Ordering, & Shipping

On this page, you will find information regarding your potential future purchase from our webstore.

Before You Order...

...I would recommend that you read this entire page before you place an online order with NWI Chinchillas. We want you to be able to make an informed decision about your purchase, and we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.


You can order from our webstore in two ways: you can use the "add to cart" feature, or you can email your order to [email protected] 

Unfortunately, shipping prices are impossible for shopping carts to correctly calculate. The cart that we have to work with is unable to be "tweaked" and is typically "off" regarding actual shipping prices. If you submit an order, pay the shipping, and the price was too high, we will refund the excess shipping cost. We strive to charge close to actual shipping costs. For an accurate quote on shipping, please email us your order and we will get you a shipping quote.

As for International Ordering:

If you are located outside of the continental United States, do not use the cart. It will not charge you for shipping, and believe me, there always is a high shipping cost for shipping internationally... so I will end up emailing you with that shipping cost, which must be paid before the order will ship. Rather, please email me directly with your order and your full address (including country and postal code), and I will get back to you with a shipping quote.

In addition, with international orders, you - the buyer - are responsible for any taxes, duties, or brokerage fees. I have no control over these fees and have no way of finding out what they will be when you get your package.

Satisfied? Not Satisfied? Returns & Feedback

If you are unhappy with any items received, please return them for a full refund.

Please note that some items will have slight variations simply because they are "natural" - for example, hay cubes may be larger or smaller, toys included in the care packs may be slightly varied in size, and home-made hammocks and other fleece items may not be 100% perfectly square. However, we want you to be 100% satisfied, so if you are not, please let us know, and we will do our best to make you a satisfied customer.

We love feedback. If you order from our webstore, please leave us feedback. You can do it however you'd like: e-mail, write a testimonial (heck, write a bad testimonial if you're really unhappy), post on NWI Chinchillas' wall on Facebook, leave a google review... however you do it, if you have a comment on anything, we'd love to hear it! Feedback helps us in that it lets us know that we're still on the right track -- still providing quality products and quality customer service. If you're not 100% satisfied with something, let us know - your happiness is our goal.

Turnaround Times

Thank you for considering NWI Chinchillas for fulfilling your small animal needs! We appreciate your business as it funds our rescue. As we are a "one man store" with hand-made, hand-picked items that we take pride in, we run differently from other online stores such as Amazon Prime. Orders will take anywhere from 3-14 days to process and ship. Large or custom orders may take longer. We appreciate your patience, but rest assured that you are getting quality products and they are worth the wait!

Please understand that our ordering system does not send a confirmation email, but it DOES send a shipping notification! This shipping notification will have tracking information and, if applicable, the amount of shipping costs refunded (if we overestimated). If it you haven't yet received the shipping email, your order has not gone out yet.

Please note: If you have an immediate need for supplies, please email us first so I can let you know if we have the ability to fulfill your order in your needed time frame, or if our schedule conflicts. We don't want anyone running out of food, etc, so we would like to help you with that by being honest about our capabilities at any time.


We do ship to other countries outside of the US and Canada.

Unless you specify that you want a quicker method of shipping, we will use the cheapest method to ship your items, in order to save you money. For the grand majority of cases, we ship by USPS Priority Mail. Hammocks and fleece items can often go first class mail - which is also cheaper for you. As the Chinchilla Care Packs and the flat rate boxes of food and dust are heavy - they go flat rate priority mail.

We can ship other items out via priority mail or in a flat rate box if desired, just let us know.

A Note About Fleece Products

Fleece is the only safe fabric for chinchillas. Fleece is safe because it does not come apart in strings, the way other materials do. However, nothing is 100% safe. If you notice your chinchilla starting to chew their hammock, then fleece may not even be safe for them. We would suggest that you discontinue use of the hammock if your chinchilla shows a high interest in chewing it to pieces. Ingesting fleece (or any foreign object) can cause impaction, which can be fatal if untreated. Please be a responsible pet owner.

For some reason, some of the colors/patterns of our fleece do not photograph well. Many of the colors appear "brighter" in person. With any fleece item you purchase, there is a chance that the actual color will not be exactly what you expected. This is not the case with each color/pattern, it is simply that some colors look different in photos versus in real life.

We do hand-make the hammocks and other fleece products that we sell. We are not, by any stretch of the imagination, professional seamstresses. Rather, we have a simple sewing machine and can sew relatively straight lines. That said, fleece items may not be 100% perfect/squared. However, we would never send out something that we would not happily purchase ourselves. We take pride in making our items as close to perfect as we are able to. Time and effort goes into our hammocks to make them the best they can be for maximum chinchilla enjoyment. Rest assured, we will not send you anything that has any major flaws.

A Note About Packaging

Here at NWI, we take pride in packaging your order in a clean environment. However, we do have pets (other than the chinchillas), and they shed. We apologize in advance if a few stray hairs "tag along for the ride" on your package.