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NWI Chinchillas

Breeding quality chinchillas and rescuing exotics since 2003.

Sponsored Listings 

As our new location is currently not ready to take in chinchilla surrenders, we are currently offering Sponsored Listings, where owners looking to rehome their pets can utilize our facebook & website followings to broaden their audience to find a new home!  If you want more info on a pet you see in a sponsored listing, you will be contacting the OWNER, not NWI.

From the owner of the furballs:

I have two chinchillas I was told the white one was the father of the grey one. They will not come with anything I could give a bag of pellets and hay if needed. I don’t know the ages of either. 

They will be $150 for both and must go together. 

You can text me at (269) 462-0309 please no calls. 

You can email me at [email protected]

Located in Niles, Michigan

---listing will stay up until at least 8/16/22---

Please note -- Ginny & Gibby WERE originally listed here as a sponsored listing.  They have been since brought to the rescue and are now under our care.  If you are interested in adopting them, please reach out to us, here at the rescue.


GINNY and GIBBY the chinchillas are looking for a new home! Here is what their owner has to say about them....

“Ginny is very sweet and playful but is more mature and keeps to herself most of the time. She loves hanging around in her hideout and will hardly get out of there unless it’s time to eat or for playtime! Gibby is younger so he’s definitely very energetic and playful so he loves bouncing all over their cage. He goes crazy for hay snacks and will hear the sound of the bag from a mile away! He also can’t go a day without snuggling with Ginny. They are both very curious chinchillas and love having playtime in a good open space (especially bathtubs). They love their chew toys and enjoy their dust baths more than anything! Since they are of opposite sex we did keep them separated at first. With time we noticed they tried almost everything to get to one another so we took Gibby to get neutered. Now they are inseparable!! We’ve been having them for almost 2 years but unfortunately me and my husband have been very busy and our person who helps care for them isn’t very well committed with how much dedication it takes to care for chinchillas. At this point we are just looking to rehome our babies into a loving family that will love and care for them properly.

*Unfortunately, we were never told how old they were exactly but GINNY is around 3-4 years old with a light grey coat (NWI note - violet) and GIBBY is around 1-2 with a dark grey coat.”

Included with these two are their *huge* feisty ferret cage!