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NWI Chinchillas

Breeding quality chinchillas and rescuing exotics since 2003.

Available Chins 3

Chins listed on this page:

8 month old standard grey female chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 10/26/21

"Beast" -- 1 year old standard grey male chinchilla -- dob 2/2021

"Prince" -- 1 year old silver mosaic male chinchilla -- dob 2/2021

"Peter Cortez" -- 6 year old standard grey male chinchilla -- dob 2/2016

3 month old dark ebony male chinchilla kit (baby) -- mild furchewer -- dob 3/21/22

3 month old standard grey male chinchilla kit (baby) -- dob 3/21/22

10 month old standard grey male chinchilla -- born 9/28/21

2 month old med / dark ebony gbc male chinchilla kit (baby) -- born 4/25/22

Chinchillas Currently Pending

--these animals may/may not be up for adoption in the future; if interested, please contact--

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Want to put down a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold a chinchilla? You can!

For deposits, we accept:

paypal -- [email protected]

venmo -- @Ashley-Gajda

cashapp -- $AshleyGajda

zelle -- 219-789-0026

We can also take credit / debit cards. Please call to place a deposit via credit card.

If you have *not* talked with us prior to placing a deposit, please make a note with your deposit about which chinchilla you're wanting to hold, as well as a phone number / email where you can be reached (or simply, reach out to us!).

This page updated: 9/15/22

Standard grey male chinchilla

Born 9/28/21 -- 10 months old

***this boy had a buddy in the past and they were great together***

Sweet boy

Does pretty well with being handled and petted

Looks around a bit when being handled

Likes to check things out

Nice personality mix -- not too energetic, not too boring 

$125 CASH / $137.50 CARD

Standard grey male chinchilla -- "Peter Cortez"

Born 2/2016 -- 6 years old

**cataracts in both eyes, though he gets around 100% fine**

***Peter Cortez came to our rescue when his first owner gave him to a friend to foster for awhile... and never came back for him. Years later, he was brought to us, to find a new home***

***Peter Cortez will urinate /mark when he is nervous. This may be when he is being held, when he is out exploring, etc. This is not something that he seems to do inside his cage, but rather, everywhere else***

Very sweet boy

Likes to explore

Likes to check out new things

Has resting b*tch face

Sweet boy though!

Likes the occasional scritches!

Can be a bit difficult to catch at times

Not huge on being handled, prefers scratches and pets on his own terms

Adoption fee -- $125

Standard grey male chinchilla -- "Beast"

Silver mosaic male chinchilla -- "Prince"

Born approx. 2/2021 -- 1 year old

***PLEASE READ -- while these chinchillas were originally living together (hence the joint pictures), they have decided to not get along, and will only be available *individually.*  In the fight which caused them to be separated, Prince was the aggressor and did some significant damage to Beast, so Prince will ONLY go to a home where he will be caged by himself.  Beast is not yet ready to go to his new home at this time.***

Beast (standard grey):

More outgoing and energetic

More apt to check everything out right away

Sweet boy

Relatively easy to pick up

Does pretty well with being handled and petted

Will sit with you for a bit, then wants to explore

More snuggly of the bunch

Adoption Fee for Beast -- $125

Prince (silver mosaic):

More laid back and mellow

Super sweet boy

Super easy to pick up...

...though not so fond of handling / cuddling

Prefers a looser grip when being handled

Not a snuggler

Calms down a bit after some handling

Adoption fee for Prince:

$300 CASH / $330 CARD 

Dark ebony male chinchilla kit (baby)

***mild furchewer***

Born 3/21/22 -- 3 months old

Very outgoing

Very friendly

Will come right up to the front of the cage

Very curious

Super easy to scoop up

Super sweet boy!

Does great with being handled and petted

Will chill with you when being handled

$350 CASH / $385 CARD 

Standard grey male chinchilla kit (baby)

Born 3/21/22 -- 3 months old

Curious boy

Wants to check everything out

Likes to wall-surf!

Has a bit more energy than his buddy

$175 CASH / $190 CARD 

***these boys are brothers and are currently living together.  They can go to their new home together or separately***

Med / dark ebony gbc male chinchilla kit (baby)

Born 4/25/22 -- 2 months old 

More outgoing 

Wants to check out everything!

Comes right up to the front of the cage 

Easy to pick up

Settles down when being held and petted

Sweet boy

Does well with handling and petting

$300 CASH / $330 CARD 

Standard grey female chinchilla

Born 10/26/21 -- 8 months old

***this girl is living with the med / dark ebony female (1/10) also listed on this page.  Ask about a discount for taking both of them home together***

Calm and shy girl

Will check things out, but slow to start

Can be a bit of a challenge to catch!

Once you catch her, she will just melt and chill with you

Very sweet girl!

$200 CASH / $220 CARD 

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