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NWI Chinchillas

Breeding quality chinchillas and rescuing exotics since 2003.

Available Chinchillas 1


6 month old goldbar / Lowe's recessive white female chinchilla -- dob 4/19/21
4 month old brown velvet male chinchilla -- dob 4/30/21

1 year old predominantly white RPAc male chinchilla -- dob 8/19/20

Chinchillas & Critters Currently Pending

--these animals may/may not be again up for adoption in the future; if interested, please contact--

none at this time

This page updated: 11/2/2021

We are located in Wolcott, Indiana, about 30 minutes north of Lafayette. We may be able to deliver or meet, depending on your location, for an additional fee. Inquire if interested.

We require a deposit to place a chinchilla on hold. Deposits are non-refundable and hold the chinchilla for up to 14 days (during which the chinchilla must be picked up or delivered).

We accept venmo, cashapp, paypal, and cash (preferred) for deposits / payments. If you need to pay another way, please inquire.

Feel free to email if interested, or text / call (leave a message) 219-789-0026

Chinchilla (and Other Critter) Listings!

Goldbar / Lowe's Recessive White female chinchilla

Born 4/19/21 -- 6 months old

Curious little girl

Wants to check everything out

Will come right up to the front of the cage to see what you're up to

May jump into -- or over -- your arms

Settles down when being held

Sweet girl! 


Brown velvet male chinchilla

Born 4/30/21 -- 6 months old

Curious boy

Will come right up to the front of the cage to see you

Super easy to scoop him up

Does great with being handled and petted

Will just chill in your arms

Super super sweet


Predominantly white mosaic Royal Persian Angora (RPA) carrier male chinchilla

Born 8/19/20 -- 1 year old

Loves to explore, hops all over the place

Can be picked up without too much difficulty

Does pretty well with being handled and petted

Wants to look around and check things out, but sits relatively calmly

Sweet boy


Chinchillas & Critters ON HOLD