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Hey all! We are having a closeout sale on some low-quantity hammocks! We have added fleece tubes, fleece tube covers, hanging fleece houses, cuddlebuddies, and a ton of fleece pillows to our webstore as well! Lots of new things! Be sure to check it out, and see if you want any of the limited-edition-closeout-hammocks at a discount!! Always making room for bigger and better things.

See available items in our webstore: https://www.nwichinchillas.com/apps/webstore/

The shopping cart has a difficult time calculating shipping, so if shipping seems high, don't you worry, we refund excess shipping after your order ships. :)
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Welcome to NWI Chinchillas!  We are a small hobby breeder of chinchillas located in Northwest Indiana -- specifically, Hammond, Indiana.  We are members of both MCBA and ECBC, and currently own quite a few chinchillas of our own, as well as all the rescues.  Our ranch brand is MNWI.

We also do chinchilla and small animals/exotics rescue - we will take in chinchillas and other small animals/exotics that need a good home and adopt them out to new homes.  For more information, please visit our "NWI Chinchilla Rescue" page.

All of our chinchillas are pets first, breeders second.  We breed only quality pedigreed chinchillas with great personalities, to produce kits that are friendly, whether they end up as pets or breeders.  We handle all kits from day one, and rescues from the day they arrive, so our chinchillas are socialized and used to human contact when they are ready to go home with their new owners.

Visit us on Facebook ---> NWI Chinchillas

We are on Petfinder - check us out! --> NWI Chinchilla Rescue

Cute & informative video that was made featuring NWI Chinchillas --> video 

Ever wanted to know what all goes on at the rescue?  We now have a blog!  See it here --> http://nightsatthechinchillarescue.blogspot.com/

Site Updated: March 21st-22nd, 2019 -- added recent donations to Donations page, updated chin listings on Available Chinchillas & Available Critters pages, added wooden stamp ornaments to Webstore.

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